Year 13+ Students Plan Fitness Exercises for Year 7

The Year 13+ students are working on an adventurous project to help our friends in Year 7 keep fit and healthy. The main learning objective is to create a targeted exercise activity that will be fun and help to improve the fitness of the younger pupils.

Three main activities have been identified by the Year 13+ students. These are bike riding, circuit training, and a possible swimming trip.

The planning for this project has involved the Year 13+ students designing a warmup, explaining the main activity, and then offering a cool down period.

The planning has involved designing maps showing the routes for each activity as well as instruction sheets.

The Year 13+ students tried out their own fitness regimes first to see if the challenge is suitable for our younger friends. We then evaluated how we felt, and refined and improved the exercise goals.

The next step will be to make a presentation to the Year 7 pupils. We want to explain our plans for them and how working together we can have plenty of fun and keep fit.

Elsewhere and the Year 13+ students have created and framed their own collages as a reminder of their time at Lansdowne School. Each student carefully selected a collection of photos going back from when they were in Year 7.

We arranged these in a stylish layout. A frame was added so that we have a permanent reminder of our time as Lansdowne students.

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