Year 9 Experiment with Pop Art Topic

The Year 9 students are having plenty of fun with their pop art topic. We have researched how this style of art is different to other forms of paintings. The class members were able to see how large colourful designs can create a striking effect.

Our main piece of work around this topic has been to create a large 3D model of a sweet. Students looked at different sweet wrappers and chose a design they liked.

We sketched out the design and font used. This work was then scaled up leading to a large 3D model of each sweet being built. Papier-mâché was used as the main body form.

The final task was to paint our models and add the exact font and style for each sweet wrapper. We spoke about how we can improve our brushstrokes and be able to control what we are painting.

Another part of our pop art topic has involved increasing the vocabulary we use when talking about art. The Year 9 students are now familiar with the word onomatopoeia. We have created some pop art posters displaying words such as Pow! Bang! And Zoom!

Our next major art topic in Year 9 will involve researching the Mexican Day of the Dead art work. This will lead to the students designing and creating their own Day of the Dead mask.

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