Year 9 Improve Social Skills and Team Work with Spiral

In collaboration with Spiral, a local organisation which provides careers services, we are introducing pilot weekly workshops to support our students build vital independence and employability skills.

In accordance with all the measures in place to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19, we welcome three members of Spiral who use their experience and enthusiasm to accommodate activities related to team building, communication and self-awareness.

The first session for the Year 9 students involved plenty of team games taking place. One of these involved pieces of string forming a traction web. A tennis ball was balanced in the middle of this structure. We found that if we worked as a team and followed instructions, it was possible to raise the ball off the ground.

One of the students commented that the secret to achieving in this exercise is not to give up.

Partners then worked together on a drama exercise. The first person was shown a short sentence. They had to act this out so their partner could guess what was taking place. One example was the elephant sang down the phone.

The final activity with our friends from Spiral involved some instruction cards being used. One person in the group had to describe one of the tasks on the cards without saying what the word is.

The students responded extremely positively to our external partners and were engaged in all the activities. We are looking forward to the next sessions and hope that this partnership will continue to develop in the future.

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