Year 10 Polymers and Monomers Science Topic

Year 10 are learning all about polymers and monomers during the current science lessons. We have seen how these are the physical building blocks that helps to bind together many different every day objects that we use.

Our learning started by understanding how a monomer is one single object. A polymer is created when these are grouped together.

We have seen how polymers are everywhere. They are a very important component in our lives.

A recent lesson involved a practical challenge being set by science teacher Mr Newman. Each class member was given five strips of paper which signified monomers. We were asked how we could rearrange these to create a polymer.

We found that if we created a series of rings, we could then link these together. The individual monomers would then become polymers.

A written exercise followed. We used an information sheet to answer some questions, explaining all the knowledge that we have learnt.

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