Year 13 Prepare Hungarian Hortobagy Pancake

Year 13 are being adventurous with their food tech cooking skills. On the menu during a recent lesson was a Hungarian hortobagy pancake.

One of the main learning tasks here was to understand how we can use a thickening agent to help with our cooking. We also wanted to experiment and see how we could use a spice such as red paprika to alter the taste.

The main food tech task for this dish was to create the sauce. We lightly fried some chicken, making sure that it was cooked throughout. Seasoning and tomato paste was added.

It was then time to whisk in some flower to some sour cream. This was added to the hot sauce. It was time to test our science knowledge. The sour cream helped the sauce to thicken up.

We created a pancake fold and added in the sauce. An evaluation and tasting session took place. The final task was to wash up and take responsibility for our own cooking space.

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