Year 13+ Plan Day Trip Seeing Sights Around London

The Year 13+ students are working on planning a trip outside of Landsdowne School. The criteria is to put together the schedule for a one day trip once lockdown restrictions are over.

The starting point was to think of a location within reach that we would like to visit. We weren’t short of suggestions. Ideas included the London Eye, The Mall, Tower Bridge and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge football ground.

Each of these locations was researched. The students had to plan transport transport options, the cost of travel and entry, and what we can do once we arrive.

We also thought about what we might need to take with us on the trip. Lunch was an important consideration!

The students were asked to think about other variations such as the changing weather. We also spoke about the skills we hoped to develop whilst planning and taking part in our trip. Safety was a primary concern.

The next stage is to put together a presentation using this research. We will pitch our ideas to Head of School Mr Juckes. We will explain why a budget is needed and how our trip will benefit our learning skills as we continue to be independent in the community.

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