Y8 Continue with Team Work and Confidence Sessions

The Year 8 students once again welcomed our friends from Spiral into our school as we continue with our weekly workshops. One of the aims is to use creativity to help build teamwork.

We started the session by helping to generate some early-morning energy. A simple game of magic box was played. This involves miming to show our friends the surprise we have found in our magic box.

We then played a great game of spot the difference. This involves a class member leaving the classroom and then changing their appearance slightly. Our friends have to work out what the difference is.

The main focus for the session was to use our creative talents to help raise our levels of self-confidence. The students were all given a white T-shirt. The task was to decorate this and create a unique design.

We held a class discussion asking our friends for ideas about what they like about each other. This was the inspiration and backdrop for our T-shirt designs. The outcome was a selection of very unique T-shirts that represent ourselves.

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