Y13 Students Maths Learning & Looking Ahead to College

The Year 13 students have now finished their various maths exams. These include High Level GCSE, as well as Functional Skills Level Two.

We are still carrying on with our maths learning. It is important to keep this information fresh in our minds and to keep on improving.

Some recent maths lessons were spent refreshing ourselves with the exam papers that we sat. We found it useful to look at these outside of an exam situation. We had more time to reflect and consider how we approached the questions during the exams.

This is a exciting as well as sad time for the Year 13 students. We will soon be saying farewell to them at Lansdowne School as they move on to new challenges.

All students have succeeded in finding courses that interest them as they continue with their learning.

Thomas is looking forward to his BTEC Level Two in IT. Miccore has managed to gain a place on a design and technology course.

Mark is going to develop his interest in art and media. He is hopeful that his new college course will be able to help him start a career in games and graphic design.

Darnell has managed to gain a place on an engineering course. He believes he is very practical and this type of course is best suited to his skills and career ambitions.

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