Year 7 Tutorial Reading, Finger Fitness and Singing

The Year 7 pupils are working towards achieving their individual ticks for each lesson. These are awarded to all class member at the end of each lesson. They reflect on what we have achieved and if we have followed the Landsdowne FRESH rules.

Following instructions is an important part of this challenge. Our morning tutorial times are the ideal place to start. We usually begin the day with a brief snack. This provides us with energy for the learning day ahead.

The class members are carrying out different activities based on their learning targets.

Some of the students are working on a comprehension exercise. They are reading about dolphins and butterflies, and then answering questions using complete sentences.

Other pupils are working on improving their spelling and handwriting. One of the activities involves sorting the letters A-Z in the correct order.

All Year 7 students now feel confident asking an adult if they need support. Improving verbal communication skills is another important part of our daily tutorial time.

We usually end the lesson with some finger fitness and songs. The class members have great fun singing songs help us to remember the letters of the alphabet, the days of the week and the months of the year.

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