Year 9 Day of the Dead Art Topic

Year 9 are having great fun exploring the Mexican Day of the Dead as our art topic. We watched a short trailer for the film Cocoa. The students were asked to spot some of the symbols in the trailer. These included skulls, candles and marigold flowers.

We held a class discussion to think about the importance of the Day of the Dead in different cultures. It became clear that this is not a sad occasion. It is a festival which helps people to remember family and friends that were close to them. They always remain in our memories.

Our artwork for this topic has involved using poly block printing. Each class member has prepared a template. This was a delicate exercise as it involved carefully sketching out the outline of our Day of the Dead designs using small dots.

It was then time to start printing. Each class member was asked to choose their own colour scheme. We rolled the inks on to the poly blocks, and then printed off our designs.

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