Year 9 Humanities Topic Looks at Fasting in Religions

Year 9 have started a challenging humanities topic learning about food and fasting in different religions. We are fortunate to have some students in our year group who have experience of fasting in a home environment. They shared some of their knowledge with their friends.

We broadened the discussion to talk about importance of food in general. The Year 9 pupils were asked to name their favourite meal. We then considered what makes this special. Some of the answers included who we share it with and who cooked the meal for us. It was also suggested that a special memory might be associated with a particular meal.

The discussion then lead to the idea of the importance of food as a celebration. It is a time for some religions to share precious family time together. The food might be prepared in a special way.

Each class member completed a worksheet. They sorted out a series of cards and stuck them in their book. They then identified when food might be suitable for each occasion mentioned on the card. They were asked to comment using their own experience of celebrating with food.

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