Year 13+ Students Weekly Local Shopping Trips

The Year 13+ students are showing great confidence in our weekly trips into the local community. Each Friday morning we plan a shopping trip. The first decision is which local shop we will visit.

We then start to think about the menu. The lunchtime trip is to buy a Friday treat that we can all share together. A short shopping list and menu is created.

Each class member has their own task and responsibility. We rotate these each week. These include leading our friends safely to the shop, finding the items in the supermarket, paying for our goods, carrying the bags and then leading safely back to school.

Once we’re out in the local community the students are reminded to be respectful towards everyone else. It was great to see the Lansdowne students remembering their manners and thanking the shop workers for their help.

Back at school and it is then time to prepare for our shared meal. The students take responsibility for setting the table and making sure that all the correct utensils are available. We then get to enjoy our Friday lunchtime meal with our friends.

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