Class 13E Celebrate Lansdowne in School Assembly

Class 13E treated the whole school to an online assembly during their final day at Landsdowne. The theme for our assembly was to explain the many wonderful skills we have learnt throughout our time at the school.

The assembly was delivered via Google classrooms. All class members had confident speaking parts. Some of the messages passed on by the Class 13E students included being proud and bringing out the best of yourself. One of the students explained that Landsdowne is the best school in every way.

One of the contributions was some personal poetry praising the school. Our messages were full of ambition for what lies ahead with our learning.

Another student explained how Lansdowne had supported him and given him opportunities to continue with his learning. Personal messages were also read out praising staff members.

The Class 13E assembly ended with the final message of follow the Landsdowne School FRESH Rules!

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