Emotion and Laughter at Lansdowne Leavers’ Ceremony

The Year 13 and Year 13+ students were all invited to a grand celebration as they prepare to leave Lansdowne School. It was wonderful to see so many parents and carers also supporting the students at our safe outdoor gathering.

Plenty of preparation went into the occasion. Mr Lee was on barbecue duty. Other students throughout the school helped to prepare a salad during their food tech lessons.

There was also an art display outside the school. The Year 13 students have been working on a collaborative Amazon rainforest tapestry throughout the summer term.

Head of School Mr Juckes opened the Leavers’ Ceremony. He remarked that it is fantastic to see so many people that we have not seen for a long time because of the Covid restrictions.

We had one final reminder of the Landsdowne School FRESH Rules. Not surprisingly all the Year 13 students were word perfect!

Mr Juckes commented:

“What a journey this has been. We are very sad that you are leaving, but we are also excited about your new opportunities ahead. You all leave Lansdowne school as confident young people.

We feel that you are ready to accept new challenges. Each of you leave with qualifications and invaluable work experience. Plus you have enjoyed many trips around London and in our community.”

Executive Headteacher Mrs Adams added:

“It is always sad when we have to see you go. We are proud of the tremendous way that you have all responded to your learning during the pandemic. Everyone here works as a team. This includes staff and parents. This is why we are successful as a school.

The greatest contribution comes from the students. You have all grown in stature. We wish you the very best of luck for the next stage of your learning.”

Each student was then invited to the front of the ceremony. Teaching staff delivered a personal speech and message for each departing class member.

We had some very moving and amusing stories about life at Lansdowne school. There was plenty of laughter, as well as a few tears.

Elijah from Year 13 captured the mood of the occasion when he told the Leavers’ Ceremony:

“Don’t cry that it’s over, smile that it happened.”

A very emotional afternoon was then rounded off with a fantastic barbecue and some wonderful shared conversations with parents and carers. Good luck to all the departing Year 13 students. We will never forget you and the many happy memories and achievements.

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