Social Skills and Shared Learning for Class 13E

A final maths session in Class 13E meant there was still a little more learning to do before the students left the school. We still had time for plenty of fun!

Mr Hilton explained that this was a good opportunity to share our thoughts and knowledge by taking part in various Kahoots sessions. This is an online learning platform. Different topics are chosen. The students then get to select their answers.

They enter their responses using their individual laptops. The results are then shared on the class whiteboard. Maths skills are needed to keep track of the score and to see how many points are needed to move up the leaderboard.

One of the topics for our final session was social skills. We started by defining what is meant by social skills. It was agreed that communication is important here. This can involve both talking and listening.

Class 13E performed well in the social skills game. It was great to see our own social skills in action by congratulating friends on their achievements.

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