Year 10 Progress with Exam Art Portfolios

The Year 10 students are coming towards the end of their first year of preparing for their art exam portfolios. Some students are sitting the GCSE exam. Others are confident about achieving highly with their Entry Level exam.

Each student has chosen a topic which interests them. One of the class members is looking at the theme of identity. They have used the work of the artist Yinka Shonibare as the reference point for their own artwork. Dutch wax fabric is being used to create an alien figure.

Another class member has chosen an art theme of Robox. They have sketched out the characters and explored the appearance using different techniques. Pen and ink, watercolours and sketches all featured.

Tom and Jerry is the inspiration for another student. They have added objects that are used in the cartoon into their sketches. They have seen how the characters react to these objects and expressed this in their artwork.

Every day objects is the chosen topic of another student. They have sketched out items that we find around the house. Different textures and layers have been added using tissue paper.

Other Year 10 art activities include the completion of our clay sculpture project. Each class member has now glazed their final designs. The outcome is a very colourful display of unique sculptures.

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