Final Lansdowne School Council Meeting of the Year

Head of School Mr Juckes congratulated Landsdowne School Council during the final meeting of the school year. The class representatives have achieved some amazing feats whilst serving as school Councillors.

In particular Mr Juckes praised School Council for their efforts in securing the Lansdowne big bikes. This was an idea that originated from School Council.

Our very generous funders wanted to know why we needed the bikes and how we might benefit from them. Our school Councillors were able to speak to the funders and explain their reasoning.

There have been many other great ideas coming from School Council. We are all looking forward to the end of term film club that will take place in our secure bubbles.

Mr Juckes then spent some time with the school Councillors reflecting on the past year. Each Councillor was asked what they have enjoyed most since September.

We heard many great ideas. One of the Councillors highlighted the Lansdowne food tech sessions. Another Councillor commented on an amazing time on a school trip to London Zoo.

Other highlights included cycling, iceskating and being able to express opinions as part of School Council. One of the Councillors reflected on a very challenging year, but concluded that it has also been fantastic.

The second half of the meeting addressed what we are looking forward to when we return in September. There was a general theme of hoping everything will return to a familiar routine.

All our Councillors are keen for a return of the after-school clubs. We can confirm that Fulham Football Flub will be welcomed back into our school to help with some training sessions.

One of the Councillors mentioned how they are excited about the art and craft club, and also a girls group. Horse-riding at the local Ebony Horse Club was also mentioned as something to look forward to.

Finally Mr Juckes was optimistic that we can return to face-to-face School Council meetings when we return in September.

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