Life Skills with Year 13 Students in New Food Tech Space

The Year 13 students returned after the summer break to find that we have a brand new food tech space at Lansdowne School! We now have two high tech kitchens for the students to work in. We want all pupils to have more food tech time. This is an important part of their independent life skills learning.

The Year 13 students started their independent skills by preparing some tasty garlic bread. They were asked to follow the instructions on the recipe cards.

This was our first introduction to the new food tech space. The students were able to understand how the new equipment works. There is an expectation for all students to take care of their own workspace. They are encouraged to clean up their food preparation space and leave the workstation as they found it.

The final task for this first session was to taste our garlic bread and share our thoughts. Each class member was asked to describe what the taste was like, and if their food preparation had been successful.

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