The Return of the Lansdowne School Choir

The new school term has seen the return of the Lansdowne Choir. We are now able to gather once again safely and share our love of music.

There is an open invitation for all students across the school to take part in the choir rehearsals. It was great to see pupils from all ages showing an interest.

Rehearsals take place each Friday. Our first session was a meet and greet with our new Choir leader Miss Kirstie. The idea is that we rehearse ahead of the achievement assembly to follow.

Miss Kirstie explained how Lansdowne choir will learn many new songs and makaton signs throughout the term. We are encouraging the students to choose which songs they would like to sing.

The first session started with a warm up. The pupils clapped along to a song, and then added their own vocals. Miss Kirstie called for volunteers to lead the way. The other students were able to follow their example and copy the actions.

This was a fantastic return for the Landsdowne School Choir. Soon we will share our love of music during the achievement assemblies.

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