Welcome Back to the Lansdowne Achievement Assembly

Friday morning achievement assemblies are back at Lansdowne school! This is one of the highlights in the school week. It is an opportunity for students across all year groups to gather together and feel part of our community of learners.

This was also the first achievement assembly for the new Year 7 pupils, as well as the Year 8 pupils as we were unable to hold assemblies last year. The assemblies are an important part of the weekly Lansdowne routine.

Head of school Mr Juckes led the assembly. “Welcome back!“ Was the main message. Mr Juckes explained how we have all been looking forward to this occasion for many, many months.

Mr Juckes added that the achievement assembly helps to build our confidence. He recognised that all pupils have been through a lot in the past year and a half. The three lockdowns have made our school community stronger.

Special praise was given to the older students who have welcomed our new Year 7 starters. The new pupils are already up and running with the Lansdowne FRESH Rules. We had a quick recap quiz to remind everyone of how we can all stay happy and safe together by following the Landsdowne FRESH Rules.

A short presentation then followed. Mr Juckes recapped on the many amazing school trips that we were able to take part in last year. We have many more of these opportunities planned throughout the new term, now that we are able to travel around London.

Mr Juckes reminded all students that soon we will be electing School Councillors. There was much excitement when it was announced that the after school clubs will also be returning next week. Many activities are already planned, including art, bike riding, football, dodgeball, yoga and sensory play.

The final task was to award the achievement certificates across each year group. The Star Class of the Week went to class 8HL. They have achieved all their ticks throughout the school week.

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