Year 8 Prepare Ratatouille in New Food Tech Space

The Year 8 students recently showed some confident cooking skills in our brand new Lansdowne food tech space. We now have two dedicated cooking areas in the school. This is so that all students can have increased food tech time, helping them to improve their independent life skills.

First up on the menu for the Year 8 pupils was a tasty ratatouille. A large part of this learning involved following instructions. This started by finding a workstation, wearing an apron and washing our hands.

Two main learning objectives were set out for the lesson. Year 8 were asked to focus on their chopping skills, as well as creating a lovely presentation.

The food preparation involved collecting the correct equipment and ingredients, and then working our way through the recipe sheet.

We had to follow a different chopping technique for each ingredient used. These included mushrooms, peppers, onions and aubergines.

We mixed our vegetables together in a saucepan and heated them up. The Year 8 pupils were asked to judge when they thought their mixture was cooked. We added in some tomato sauce to hold the ratatouille together.

A tasting session then took place. We received some very positive feedback. Many of the students wanted to take the food home to share with their families.

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