Daily Guided Reading and Phonics in Year 8

Year 8 are carrying out many different activities as part of their morning guided reading sessions. Each student works on a task which helps to meet their individual learning targets.

Class members are identifying picture cards, and then writing the correct words underneath. The pupils concentrate on the correct spelling, as well as the phonic sounds in each word.

Another activity has involved the students working one-on-one with an adult staff member. They recognise the pictures on the phonics cards, and then work on improving their sounds.

Letter and character formation is another part of our daily guided reading tasks. The students are expected to take responsibility for their own work. Any completed work is placed in a finished pile.

Guided reading time comes to an end with some choosing activities. The pupils enjoy the many sensory resources we have at Lansdowne School. We finish off by recapping the Lansdowne FRESH Rules.

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