Independent Food Tech Skills for Year 8

Year 8 are finding their feet in our brand-new Lansdowne School food tech space. We are learning to work safely in the kitchen space as we explore the new facilities.

A recent session saw the pupils prepare and bake a very tasty vegetable quiche. We started the lesson with a recap of the Lansdowne FRESH Rules. These help us to keep safe, especially in the food tech area.

We then spoke a little about what a quiche is. We found out that this is a French word. We looked at the main ingredients and how we can prepare to bake a quiche.

It was then time for the practical work. Our first two tasks were to put on our aprons and wash our hands. The pupils worked independently on preparing some of the ingredients for the quiche. They chopped up tomatoes and mushrooms. We then greased our metallic trays.

Year 8 had great fun preparing the pastry. This was rolled flat, and then placed on the base of the baking tray.

The next step was to break an egg, and add some milk. We learnt a new technique of how to whisk this mixture.

The mixture and our vegetables were then added into the base of the quiche. We set the time on our ovens and cooked the quiches for half an hour. The end result was a very tasty quiche to share at home.

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