Year 10 Independent Living and Daily Routines

The Year 10 students are learning about our daily routines as part of our life skills learning. This is an important part of the curriculum at Lansdowne School. It prepares the students for independent living.

We have looked at routines such as the school timetable, matching teachers with the correct subjects, and also cleaning our teeth. We are now looking at our morning and evening dress routine.

The class members have looked at how many individual steps they have to get ready in the morning. We have organised some picture cards to sequence the correct order of getting dressed.

This session also helped to improve our verbal communication skills. Each class member was was asked to explain to their friends the order in which they get dressed.

We then introduced the characters of Jack and Jill. These are large doll characters. The pupils took it in turns to dress the two characters in the correct sequence.

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