Healthy Diet and Food Groups in Year 10 Science

Year 10 are learning about healthy diets and how to stay healthy as part of our current science learning.

We have looked at the circulatory system and also the respiratory system. The students are preparing for the first assessment practice which will take place after half term.

Science learning in Key Stage 4 involves plenty of evaluation and explanation. Our work on healthy food has seen the Year 10 students explain why certain outcomes happen, and what affects them.

All students are familiar with the seven food groups. We have provided some detailed lists about what each group provides for our bodies.

We looked at some case studies of people who weren’t feeling 100% healthy. These included someone with a bad cold, malnutrition and obesity. We had a class discussion to recommend what the person in each situation should be eating to help restore their fitness.

We are also looking at the advantages of a balanced diet. We have seen how moderate portions from each food group are needed to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

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