Y13 Students Work Towards Silver & Bronze Arts Award

The Year 13 students are working on their individual targets as part of their art portfolio project. We have students aiming to complete the Arts Award Silver and Bronze categories.

Each class member was given a free choice about their own topic. One of the students has chosen the theme of planets. This has been interpreted to how we live. Some painting has taken place using watered-down coffee. This is because the student wanted to challenge themselves and try working with a new medium.

Another learner has created a magical mythical creature. He explained how this character has come through a portal from another dimension. The artwork shows how the creature has come to take over the world.

A different approach has been taken by another Year 13 student. She has rolled a dice to dictate which designs to include in her picture.

A portrait of a custom character is the idea of another class member. This work started by thinking about some of the features and describing what they might look like. They have given this character the name of NOXX.

The Black Panther film is the inspiration for another student. They are working towards making their own African styled textile blanket. The student is currently creating some possible designs using acrylic paint.

Textile has also featured for another learner. They have recreated the Manchester United badge using a variety of stitches. The next task is to design and create a unique wall frame. Paper mache is being used to build up the layers.

Finally Peter Pan and fairytales is a favourite topic of another Year 13 student. They are creating a magical landscape showing some of the settings in the Peter Pan story.

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