Year 8 Bake Banana Cake in Life Skills Learning

The Year 8 pupils recently made some very tasty banana cakes as part of their life skills learning. We introduced some new practical skills such as whisking and mashing the bananas. The pupils enjoyed singing a song as we first peeled the banana, and then mashed it.

We worked through the rest of the recipe sheet. The class members are responsible for making sure they have the right amount of each ingredient. These were all mixed together before being placed in the oven.

We are also learning about cross contamination of different types of food as part of our life skills lessons. This activity involved cooking with an egg. We discussed the importance of making sure that any utensils that came into contact with the egg are cleaned up using hot water. Some great teamwork followed.

The exercise ended with the Year 8 pupils evaluating their work. They were asked to describe how their cake tasted. We also explained what we have learnt. A final comment was made about how we could improve our life skills that were used during the session.

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