Healthy Eating and Life Skills in Year 13

The Year 13 students are continuing with their healthy food topic as part of their food tech learning. The first half of a recent lesson was spent learning about theory. This helps the students to prepare for possible future work skills.

We are currently looking at what is a healthy diet for a person with diabetes. We have researched Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. All students completed a worksheet that looked at the food diary of somebody with diabetes.

The second part of the lesson was our practical learning. The challenge was to bake a tasty tuna and broccoli pasta.

We looked at the health benefits of tuna and broccoli. The students were able to explain how these two ingredients would benefit somebody managing their diabetes.

Class members then worked through their own recipe sheet. Multi-tasking was needed with food preparation, cooking and steaming the food. We also got to use the school grills.

The students were asked to use their own judgement when considering when the pasta and sauce were ready to serve. A final evaluation exercise took place. We had some very tasty tuna and broccoli pasta to enjoy.

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