Year 8 Prepare for Basketball Match

Year 8 are having great fun playing basketball as part of their regular PE lessons during the autumn term. We have seen that this is a skilled sport that requires great technique and teamwork.

Each pupil is working on improving the three specific skills: dribbling, passing and shooting.

Our dribbling workstation involves bouncing the ball and moving in-between a series of cones. The passing exercise required partners to pass the ball back and forth with a chest pass.

Finally the shooting workstation saw students shooting the ball from three different spots in the gym. Each activity was timed with the number of successful completions counted.

Our lesson ended with the students identifying any improvement they can make to their learning. They were also asked to explain which skills they achieved.

We will continue working on these activities over the next few weeks. The aim is for the Year 8 pupils to play a friendly but competitive game of basketball to showcase their skills.

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