Year 8 Work on Improving Individual Maths Targets

The Year 8 students have a number of different learning objectives as part of their current maths work. Each student has specific learning targets. Individual work is aimed at meeting these needs.

One group of learners are counting ten objects when they are randomly placed on the table. They are also focusing on recognising the numerals from 1 to 20.

Another group of learners are learning about some of the language we use in maths. They are understanding phrases such as equal to, more than, fewer, most and least.

The final group of Year 8 pupils have started looking at tenths and division. We are been counting up and down the number line in tens. Lego is used to compare different sizes.

Regular sensory play and choosing time help to break up our learning. The Year 8 students are responsible for looking after and tidying up their own resources.

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