Healthy Fruit Kebabs Prepared by Year 10 Students

Year 10 are learning about cells as part of their science learning. We have looked at what function different cells play to keep our bodies healthy.

We have introduced a catchy song to help the students remember some of the names and functions of each cell. The students have enjoyed singing along.

We are now learning about what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. We looked at a picture of Homer Simpson surrounded by some of his food. The students were able to identify that this was a very unhealthy diet.

We noticed how fruit and veg was missing from Homer’s diet. Each class member wrote a letter to Homer recommending how he might want to change his diet.

It was then time to put our theory into practice. Each student prepared a healthy food kebab.

We started by identifying the fruits we would be working with. These included strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruits, apples and grapes.

The Year 10 students were asked to work independently and follow the instructions on the recipe sheet. We washed our hands and then the fruit.

We then chopped up the fruit into big chunks. We peeled the bananas. Each item of fruit was threaded onto a wooden skewer. We had a delightful mid-morning snack of a very healthy food kebab to enjoy with our friends.

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