Maths Learning and Library Choosing in Year 9

The Year 9 students are working on a range of different activities as part of their regular maths learning. This work is structured to meeting individual learning targets of each class member.

One group of learners warmed up for their learning by counting from 1 to 10 using the plastic numbers. We also used the number blocks. Students were asked to make a tower using the same number mentioned by class teacher Miss Thomas Clark.

This then became a simple addition exercise. Another number was added to our tower. We counted the total number of blocks.

A second group of Year 9 students have been warming up by answering some multiplication sums. We have used the multiplication grid to help with our learning.

One of the main aims during a recent lesson was to recall the months of the year. The students filled in the blanks on an activity sheet that had some of the months missing.

We then answered some questions involving the months of the year. An example might be which month comes between August and October? We also commented on the different weather conditions that we experience during contrasting months of the year.

Future maths learning throughout this term will include comparing the weights of objects. The Year 9 students will be calculating the weight of various objects using both kilograms and grams.

Elsewhere in Year 9 and the pupils are making the most of their regular school library visits. We have a fantastic selection of books in the new Lansdowne library.

All students are given a free choice each week. They asked to select a book that suits their interests and is suitable for their reading ability.

We operate a professional library system. All books are stamped out. The students get to take their books home.

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