PHSE Kitchen Safety for Year 7 Pupils

PHSE learning for the Year 7 students has looked at safety in our homes. We are learning about different household products and how these might be unsafe if we don’t use them correctly.

We have written some rules in our science books that will help to keep a safe at home. An example is keep the washing up liquid in the kitchen.

It was then time to set up our experiment. The Year 8 students were asked to investigate what happens if we use household products incorrectly.

Our experiment involved mixing vinegar and baking soda. We started by thinking about some of the rules we might need to follow whilst we are carrying out the experiment. We brainstormed ideas together as a class and wrote these in our books.

A predication was made before we carried out the experiment. One of the students thought that an explosion might happen.

We then took it in turns to mix some vinegar and soda powder together. We were able to see that these two household ingredients when mixed create a small explosion.

The Year 7 students concluded by saying that household products can be dangerous if we don’t use them correctly. Our experiment was written up in our PSHE books.

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