Updates from Lansdowne School Council

The Lansdowne School Council continues to meet every week. The meetings are chaired by Head of School Mr Juckes. Each class gets to send two representatives to the Council meeting.

We had an incredibly busy agenda at a recent meeting. Mr Juckes welcomed the Councillors and confirmed that the school has bought some skipping ropes. This was a direct request from School Council. These are for boys and girls to use during break and lunchtimes.

It was also mentioned that some new iPads have been bought. We are waiting for the covers to arrive before we can use these as part of our ICT learning.

It was then time for individual points raised by the various Councillors. One of the students asked about swimming arrangements for each class. These will be discussed with the PE staff.

A conversation then followed about laptops. Some of the laptops are rather slow to load up. Mr Juckes is going to investigate how we can improve the speed.

One of the Councillors and made a suggestion about a non-uniform day towards the end of term. It was mentioned that Children in Need is coming up and this could be a good way of raising money.

We developed this idea and considered raising money for the local community. There is the possibility of a non-uniform day towards the end of term to help raise money for the Brixton and West Norwood Food Bank.

School council then discussed some of the menu choices that are available as part of our food tech learning. We talked about possible future dishes that we would like to prepare as part of our life skills. Mr Juckes was very pleased to hear that these life skills are now being transferred to our home environment as well.

One of the student asked about the Lansdowne Choir arrangements. It was confirmed that these will continue to take place every Friday morning with Miss Kirstie.

Another Council member mentioned that he is looking forward to the drama club auditions. We are going to make everyone aware of this during a full school assembly.

An interesting point raised the possibility of installing some spectator seats around the school outdoor pen. Mr Juckes explained that we have a limited space.

Another Councillor asked if it was possible to install astroturf in the school pen. Mr Juckes said that all sports use this facility. Astroturf may not be suitable for tennis and basketball.

There is plenty of interest from some of the Councillors to organise a Q&A session with a well-known person. We are looking at the possibility of inviting a celebrity chef into our school to open our brand-new food tech space.

Council then discussed the football pen rota for playtimes. The aim is to form group bonds together. We also talked about the referee arrangements for the younger students.

We looked forward to hopefully staging an end of school disco. A final School Council agenda item was put aside to discuss the school trampolines. These outdoor installations have been a great success. We are looking to buying some more.

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