Lansdowne Students Make Donation at Local Food Bank

Students from different year groups have taken part in a life skills learning project in our local community throughout the term. Pupils from Year 7 to 11 have visited a local shop each week. The aim was to buy various food items that we can then donate to the Brixton Food Bank.

We planned the shopping visits in the classroom. The students were asked to think about suitable food items that we could buy. We chose types of food that have a long life and would be able to be stored at the Food Bank.

Life skills teacher Miss Lisa has also helped the students with their road safety skills. We put these into practice out in the community as we walked towards the shops.

Communication skills were also part of this project. Each pupil had a specific item to find and then pay for in the shop. They were encouraged to use their verbal communication skills and use eye contact with the staff in the shop.

Our life skills learning concluded with some of the Year 9 students visiting the local Food Bank. We held a class conversation beforehand about how some people in the local area are not as fortunate as others. Lansdowne School is very happy to help out all members in the local community.

We visited the Food Bank to handover our donations. The volunteers at the Food Bank welcomed the students and were able to explain a little more about their work.

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