Smoke on the Water with the Year 7 Students!

We are having plenty of fun in our weekly music lessons in Year 7. The pupils are learning to play the classic Smoke on the Water using different instruments. We are using the ukulele, the glockenspiel and various keyboards.

All pupils have been given expert tuition on how to handle the ukulele. It’s important to know where the best place is to hold the instrument and where we need to position our fingers. The pupils have also been given guidance on how to create a strumming sound.

The glockenspiel and keyboard players followed a simple musical score. Our session came to a close with all the different instruments being played together and joining in with Smoke on the Water.

The class members were asked to listen any improvements they are making whilst we are learning this song. This can be quite a challenging activity for the students as it involves working together using many new skills. Some great progress has been made.

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