Introduction to Computer Coding for Year 7 Pupils

The Year 7 pupils have started their introduction to coding as part of their regular computing lessons. Each class member is responsible at the start of our sessions for collecting their laptop and logging on correctly.

The first task is to load up Google Classrooms. All pupils are confident when navigating around the different options.

One of our early exercises for the new term was to look at algorithms and programming. The pupils were given a challenge to create an online Spider Man character. They dragged and dropped the different body parts onto a template.

We also then placed the words to describe this activity in the correct sequence. This learning helps to reinforce the idea of how coding and algorithms need to have a set pattern to follow.

Another activity was based on the game Minecraft. We moved a character around a grid to find some diamonds. The pupils had to give the character instructions to move either left or right, and up and down.

We will move on later in the term to program a computer mouse. The idea is to add in the correct sequence to guide the mouse to the cheese.

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