Updates from Lansdowne School Council

It is a busy time once again for the Lansdowne School Council. A couple of elected representatives from each class meet once a week with head of school Mr Juckes. We are currently carrying out these meetings online so that we can all stay safe.

A recent meeting started by re-capping on some of the action that has been completed from the previous meeting. Mr Juckes confirmed that some new footballs have been bought, as requested by School Council. We also heard some positive feedback from the girl group that is attending Forest School with Mr Hilton.

The first question from a Councillor addressed the possible return of after-school clubs. Mr Juckes confirmed that the school management team are monitoring this on a weekly basis. We hope to be able to stage the after-school clubs once again when it becomes safe.

Another Councillor asked for an update on the possibility of inviting a local celebrity into our school for a Q&A session. Mr Juckes reminded the students that we were very lucky to be able to meet our local MP Florence Esholami. We have plans to hopefully visit Florence at her work place at the Houses of Parliament.

Each Councillor was then asked what they are looking forward to over the coming weeks. One of the Year 7 representatives mentioned that it will be great if we can resume our school trips at some stage. Another Councillor said they are excited about the reopening of the Lansdowne tuck shop.

We looked even further ahead with some of the pupils already thinking about Sports Day during the summer term. We are hopeful we will be able to stage this once again this year.

A brief discussion then followed about swimming arrangements. We were able to take two classes swimming each week. Mr Juckes explained how we rotate this timetable so everyone can take part.

One of the Councillors then raised the possibility of staging some public plays as part of Drama Club. Mr Jukes explained that once school assemblies return, we will be able to present our drama talents to all our friends.

Some feedback followed on Forest School. We heard how the Girl Group recently made some marshmallows and cookies around the campfire. They also created some decorations out of sticks that we found on the site.

Seating arrangements in the dining hall were discussed. There is a possibility that we might need some more chairs.

The School Council meeting ended on a very positive note. We are hopeful of being able to take part in a whole school trip once again at the end of the teaching year.

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