Year 13 Work on Art Awards and GCSE Coursework

The Year 13 students are continuing to work on a mixture of various art projects. Some of the pupils are aiming for their Bronze and Silver Arts Awards. We also have some learners who are producing coursework for their art GCSE art qualification.

Each class member has chosen a theme or topic which interests them. One of the students has created some clay tiles. They are going to decorate them with images of the Moon and the Sun.

Another class number is working on a large portrait of an anime character. They took the original image, and then enlarged this. Different painting techniques were used. The student wanted to feel confident using a variety of styles, as well as being able to mix the correct colours.

Three other students are working together to create a South African Basotho blanket. This was inspired after watching the Black Panther film.

Different textile materials were carefully cut out and attached to the blanket. The students have been learning skills such as threading the needle as well as different types of stitches.

Another Year 13 student is working on some mango style art work. They are recreating a scene from a film by painting this on canvas.

Finally we have a Year 13 student creating a broad selection of work based around their home country of Portugal. They have used cinnamon powder to create the image of a Portuguese custard tart. The main piece of work being created is a spice rack. The student has made a clay structure that resembles some of the tiles found in areas of Portugal.

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