Year 12 Plan GCSE Gothic Horror Stories

The Year 12 students are preparing for their English GCSE exams. These is a mixture of coursework as well as a final exam.

We are currently looking at the topic of Gothic horror. Each student has written their own short story in the form of a Gothic horror genre.

The starting point was a picture that we were presented with. This showed a ghostly figure in a deserted woodland area. The students were asked to look for clues in the picture that might help them to develop a plot.

Our stories required characters, a setting as well as the various plot sequences in the story. The class members were also asked to focus on adding speech marks to add some excitement to our dialogue.

This is one example of the type of genre the Year 12 students need to be familiar with for their GCSE learning. We will continue throughout the spring term to look at other styles of writing ahead of our final exams in the summer.

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