Year 9 Drumming Day – Watch the Video

Friday mornings in Year 9 means drumming day! We start with a gentle warmup. Our music teacher Josh plays a soft song on the guitar to get everyone in the right frame of mind.

Some stretching of our arms and legs follows. Is then time for the warm up song with C’mon Everybody. The pupils are encouraged to clap the rhythm and listen out for when it varies the pace.

Class members are then asked for suggestions for their own clapping rhythm. Each pupil gets to lead a short session.

The next stage of our learning involves percussion instruments. These include the maracas, tambourines, shakers and also a glockenspiel. All class membrs have a free choice. They follow the rhythm set by Josh. We are learning to play along to a South American song.

The highlight of our music sessions in Year 9 is the African drumming. We have a great selection of drums to choose from. The students are familiar with how to get the best sound out of the instruments.

Once again we follow the lead from Josh. Then each class member gets to choose their own drumming pattern.

Our music sessions come to an end with some microphone free styling. This is an opportunity for each class member to showcase their vocal talents.

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