Food for Life Skills in Year 13 with Independent Shopping

Healthy oat muffins were a recent menu item for the Year 13 students as part of their Food for Life learning. The aim of the sessions is to help the students to feel confident with shopping and food preparation.

Our lesson started by thinking about what ingredients we might need for our healthy oat muffins. Working together the class was able to identify oats, egg, baking powder, sugar and vanilla extract.

With our shopping list prepared, it was then time to head to the local shops to buy the ingredients. Our Food for Life sessions has also looked at road safety when we are out in our local community.

We walked together as a group, taking it in turns to press the traffic light signal at each crossing.

Once we arrived at the local shop, each student had their own task. We were able to find the ingredients, and then one class member had the responsibility of paying for them with some school money.

It was then time to create our healthy oat muffins. We have learnt how we need to separate the dry and wet ingredients. The dry ingredients needed to be mixed in first.

We watched a short demonstration and then worked through the recipe sheet independently. The students were asked to recap what they had achieved once the healthy oat muffins had been baked.

Another part of our Food for Life learning is looking at different types of bread. The pupils were able to identify many types of bread from around the world. We had a class discussion about which bread is our favourite.

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