Year 13 Prepare Venezuelan Arepas in Food Tech Lesson

Independent learning continues to be the main focus for some of the Year 13 students as part of their food tech sessions. Our learning usually starts with the class members making their own mid morning cup of tea or coffee. This is a valuable life skill!

The main menu item for a recent lesson was to design and create some tasty are arepas from Venezuela. We have seen how these can be served in various ways. We decided on a chicken and cheese filling for our arepas snack.

Many skills were needed for the Year 13 students to achieve this. These included grating, chopping, mixing and adding the filling. We also introduced new skills such as shredding the chicken pieces.

The first task was to make our own dough. We had to judge when the correct consistency of the dough was achieved. Some careful frying skills were then needed to prepare the onions, pepper and garlic.

The chicken was added to the frying pan, followed by the dough mixture.

The students were asked to think about how they could present their arepas so they looked as good as they tasted.

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