Year 7 Prepare Tasty Moroccan Beef Kebabs

Food Around the World continues to be our main topic in Year 7 as part of our food tech learning. We are currently focusing on the continent of Africa.

A recent session involved preparing and cooking a tasty Moroccan beef kebab. We had to learn some new skills such as how to use the meat skewers and how to use the school grills with confidence.

Our learning started with a brief class conversation about Africa. The pupils were encouraged to share any information they already know.

We watched a PowerPoint presentation that showed us some of the key features found in the country of Morocco. The pupils were asked to describe what they could see, and how it compares to our own environment.

It was then time for the practical part of our learning. The first task was to select the correct ingredients. These included mint leaves, salt, black pepper, ground cumin, fennel seeds and ground ginger.

We added these items to our mincemeat and mixed it all together. The tricky part was to create the correct size kebab using our mince mixture. We then delicately threaded this onto a skewer.

A recap of the safety rules then followed before we started to use the school grills. The oven timers were set. The pupils were asked to check on the grilling progress every two minutes.

Once the washing up was complete, we had a shared tasting session. The students were asked to evaluate their Moroccan beef kebabs. The verdict was mainly positive. We had some mixed reactions when we we added some garam masala sauce.

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