Year 12 Art Work in Response to Ukraine Situation

The Year 12 students are carrying out some very thoughtful art work. We have looked at the current situation in Ukraine and used this as the inspiration to develop our creative talents.

We researched the paintings of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko. Sadly some of her artwork was destroyed during the recent struggles in Ukraine.

The Year 12 students were inspired by the story, as well as the bright colours used by Maria. We decided to re-create some of this artwork and to add our own unique ideas to our paintings.

Some of the subject matter is animal themed. We started off by drawing and sketching out the outlines. Watercolours were then added as the backdrop. The final touch was to use oil pastels to provide the details for our work.

We are optimistic of staging an art exhibition with the Year 13 students later on this term. The older learners are working on their leadership skills as part of their Art Silver Award. They need to demonstrate how they can organise an exhibition.

This project will involve designing the posters and tickets, and sending out invitations to staff members and parents.

The students will also have to think about the use of space in the art studio and how they can manage the exhibition.

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