First School Assembly of the New Summer Term

Head of School Mr Juckes welcomed all students back for the Summer term during a recent online assembly. He explained how it was good to see all pupils returning after the Easter break.

One of the many questions staff members have been asked by pupils is what takes place during the INSET days? Mr Juckes explained how all staff had a really busy couple of days learning new phonics skills, first aid and preparing for the teaching ahead.

Mr Juckes also shared the news that the after-school clubs will return next week. We are also going to start interviewing for the student positions of garden and library monitors. Mr Juckes mentioned that we are looking for students who set a good example and behave well.

There was a special mention for Class 10AW. They were invited to take over the Lansdowne newsletter for this week. The pupils have written many articles about what they enjoy at Lansdowne School. One example is how we all get to use the school bikes.

This is the first time we have given the responsibility of preparing a newsletter to an individual class. Class 10AW were rewarded with the Star Class of the Week trophy.

Mr Juckes also updated with other Lansdowne news. We are going to build a brand-new classroom during the summer holiday. Our school is expanding and we are looking forward to welcoming new pupils in September.

The online assembly finished with the pupils watching a Year 10 presentation on World Earth Day. This explained how we can work together to help save our resources. We concluded with a reminder of the Lansdowne FRESH Rules.

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