Year 13 School Assembly Celebrates Trip to Kew Gardens

The Year 13 students are very excited ahead of their school assembly. We have prepared a short presentation to share our love of gardening.

The students attend the nearby Roots and Shoots college in Kennington. They get to learn many practical skills involving planting and growing.

We recently took this theme a stage further and organised a Year 13 trip to the magnificent Kew Gardens. Our assembly includes a video which captures what took place during the day.

Our first task when we arrived at Kew Gardens was to set up a base. The students were very organised and able to put in place their own picnic arrangements.

Our assembly presentation then involves staff members asking questions about gardening. The Year 13 students are able to answer these by demonstrating the activities that took place at Kew Gardens.

Examples include what colour are the leaves, how can we dig a hole, and what vegetables do we grow at Lansdowne school?

One of the favourite questions to answer was how do we catch a mini beast safely? The students really enjoyed carefully catching mini beasts at Kew Gardens. We have learnt that we need to treat them with great care, and always return them where we found them.

Plenty of work has gone into the preparation for our assembly. We hope that our friends throughout the school appreciate and enjoy our efforts.

Elsewhere in Year 13 and daily Play-Doh sessions continue. The students are responsible for handing out the Play-Doh and sharing the resources amongst friends.

We follow a series of activities on the class whiteboard. These exercises help us to improve our fine motor skills using Play-Doh.

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