Food Choice Topic Continues for Year 8 Pupils

Food choice is the current topic for Year 8 pupils as part of their food tech Learning. We have looked at how different factors might influence which food we choose to eat. These include friends, family, our age, what we like and dislike, and our occupation.

A recent practical session saw the pupils prepare and cook some tasty West African Jollof rice. This session also involved a focus on developing our knife skills. The Year 8 pupils are concentrating on improving their shredding, chopping and slicing abilities.

We also had a chat about cross contamination and how to handle chicken safely. We made sure that we washed our chopping boards and knives in warm water after we had prepared the chicken.

Once the onions had been chopped, we cooked these in some oil. We then prepared the seasoning. Each class member got to smell the different spices that we added to our rice.

The chicken was then added to the saucepan. The pupils were asked to choose the right moment when the chicken turned from pink to brown. We then added the rice and boiled off the water.

An evaluation exercise took place. The Year 8 pupils were asked which factors might influence their food choice. They also explained which skills they performed well during the session.

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