Maths Money Handling Skills for Year 11 Students

Money handling is the main maths topic for the Year 11 students for the start of the summer term. This is a practical form of learning with a focus on improving the skills we need when out shopping.

We start our lessons with some warm up maths exercises. Each student is working towards their own learning targets. Different activities are organised for each level.

Some of the students are calculating simple totals using a combination of coins. Others are counting the totals and then explaining these using pounds and pence. Another activity involves calculating larger totals as well as calculating the percentage change.

We use the plastic coins as a resource. This helps the Year 11 students to visualise the calculations they are performing.

We’ve also had plenty of fun in Year 11 maths with Dr Double! Christopher has demonstrated a remarkable ability to be able to double numbers each time. He has managed to reach five figure numbers. This is good preparation ahead of the maths qualifications that the students will start to prepare for in Year 12.

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