Telling the Time in Year 10

Year 10 have completed some great maths learning focusing on telling the time. We have used large analogue clocks to help visualise this learning.

The students are understanding the difference between the big hand and a small hand on a clock. We have shared examples on the clocks from different time periods in our own daily routine.

Our next maths topic in Year 10 will involve looking at the temperature. Our introduction involved the students remembering how to use the greater than and less than symbols.

The challenge was set to read a couple pictures showing thermometers. We then compared these temperatures and decided which one was greater, and which one was less.

This was a trick question. The thermometers displayed had different scales. Our challenge was to understand the scale first, and then make a comparison.

Other maths learning in Year 10 has seen some pupils calculating the weight of an object. We are using vocabulary such as heavier and lighter.

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